The first rule of Medieval Fight Club is
Tell Everyone!

Tulsa Free Company

A not for profit independent steel fighting organization with a goal to promote the preservation and education of Armored Medieval Combat all over the world!


Tulsa Free Company's mission is to enrich the lives of our members and the community by practicing and promoting the sport of Armored Medieval Combat called "Buhurt". We are an education oriented organization that is welcoming to all who would like to learn and teach medieval combat! Whether you are seeking information about medieval armored combat, or you simply can't wait to start swinging an axe at your friends, we want to meet you!

Contact us to attend a practice today and see if you have what it takes to "Fight like a Knight"! 

Tulsa Free Company and all our members are LGBTQIA affirming and welcoming. Please contact us if you have questions.

We have a place on our team for everyone!


Large Brawls where the last person standing wins the round for their team.

Team Training

Join us for a Team Workout, Wrestling Practice, Soft Kit Practice or Armored Practice today! No Gear Needed!


Master the many weapons used by 13th-15th century knights in single combat like the Axe, Arming Sword, Pole Axe and many more!

We have a Women's Team, too!

Have ever identified more with the ass kicking Hero than the Damsel in Distress? Do you ever fantasize about being a Noble Knight or a Mighty Warrior? Then this is the sport for you! 

Armored Combat is a fantastic way to stay in shape, build confidence, release stress and meet other fierce females who love fighting as much as you do! 

If you like to work hard, play hard and fight hard then check us out.

We welcome all skill levels and do not require any equipment to get started. Come join our Army of Badass Babes and learn what it really means to "Fight like a Girl"!

IMCF Rules and Regulations

Tulsa Free Company fights in accordance with the International Medieval Combat Federation Rules and Regulations

HMBIA Regulations

Tulsa Free Company participates in some Tournaments and Events that adhere to HMBIA regulations.

New to the this world?

Did you just discover Medieval Armored Combat and you are wondering how to get started? Check out "Start Fighting" for more information.